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Design and Print your own Ang Pow Red Packet in Malaysia

Having to design your own Red Packets is also a sector that is flourishing in Malaysia, with variants of red packets that have different promotional function for branding, products and even discount coupons.

You can find these “Design your own Red Packets” service locally but mostly is available online. There is also standard red packet design to choose from.

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Entering My Ang Pow version 2.0

Thank you for supporting us since the establishment of My Ang Pow website since 28th July 2016. Two years down the line we still active in collecting more and more red packets. However with increasing in red packets database, the ussage of blog alone was not suficcient for the archival of all our red packet collection. Hence introducing version 2.0, the complete re-design and re-build of the website from scratch.

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