Thank you for supporting us since the establishment of My Ang Pow website since 28th July 2016.

Two years down the line we still active in collecting more and more red packets. However with increasing in red packets database, the ussage of blog alone was not suficcient for the archival of all our red packet collection. Hence introducing version 2.0, the complete re-design and re-build of the website from scratch.

To allow more efficient catalog of the red packets, we are now using the woocommerce along with word press content management system to serve you better. The red packets will appears as “products” in the catalog while we still continue blogging as usual at the blog section. The woocommerce allows us to fine tune the red packets search function with more detail filters and sorting mechanism.

As a product on a niche market, red packets stand alone as a unique identity with specialty limited time designs that can be purchase from stores or get it free from shops and banks as a gift. Hence there is no standardise product code of each of it. Searching a particlular red packets around the market can be difficult. Hence with, we hope to provide a unified catalog for red packets available in the market.

You may ask, since the red packet is build on a woocommerce online storefront, will you able to purchase the red packets from us ? well, we haven’t open our collection for sell yet, but user in the red packet collection community can offer their sharing, exchange and sales of their red packets in the comment section of each products. We will make it “by collectors for collectors” efforts.

The collection is not grown overnight, and hence be paitient with the building up of the collection cataloge. Don’t hesitate to join us to build up the collection cataloge. Stay tune.