The name Ang Pow is actually means Red Packet, Red Package, or Red Envelope in Hokkien dialect.
Chinese diaspora and immigrants have introduced the culture of red envelopes in many Asian countries outside China.

Below are some of the list of names which referred to Ang Pow :

  • 紅包(Traditional Chinese), 红包(Simplified Chinese) (pronouce as hong bao in Mandarin)- Literal meaning red package
  • 利是 or 利事 (pronouce as lai see in Cantonese)- Literal meaning good for business, a blessing of prosperity
  • an-pao in Burmese
  • “lì xì” or “phong bao mừng tuổi ” in Vietnamese
  • อั่งเปา (tae ea) ang pow in Thai
  • 세뱃돈 (Hangul) or 歲拜돈 (Hanja) in Korean
  • 祝儀袋 or お年玉袋 (Kanji) in Japanese
  • Ang Pao (Tagalog) in Filipino
  • Ang Pav or Tae Ea in Cambodia

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