Ouranosart Gospel Ang Pow 2014 – Always in His Love (06FYH14)

This is simple christian gospel red packet with Chinese and English scripture. Let’s take a walk on a path in a green woods with floor filled with purple flowers.

You can use this during Chinese new year and other thanksgiving occasions.

This red packet is designed and distributed by ouranosart.com in year 2014, in a effort to spread gospel through art in cloth, paper and wood products.



Front Cover

The front cover of the red packet is fully covered by a beautiful drawing that represents nature and beauty.

The huge calligraphic words on the right reads “Every step is a blessing” and there is a quote in Chinese on the left which means “faith gave us courage to take the first step, hope gave us persevere to continue on, love gave us meaning to everything” At the bottom there is a title “Always in His Love”

The drawings depicts a thick green woods with a path along the woods. The floor of the woods is covered with purple flower blossoms. It invites you to take a walk of faith in the woods.

Back Cover

At the back of the red packet there is a beautiful autumn leaf that have a love in the center.

There is a huge calligraphic words in the center that reads “blessing” and the scripture from 1 Corinthians 13:13 in both English and Chinese. “And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.”

The Lid

The lid of the red packet is of rectangular slot in type. It will allow you to reuse the red packet several time.

Additional Info

Additional information






Full Size Standard


80 mm

Height (actual)

153 mm

Height with open lid

167 mm


4 grams each

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