Minnie Mouse Posing Wallet Style Ang Pow (K027-05)

This colorful Ang Pow features Minnie Mouse sincerely wishing you a blessed year ahead. Minnie Mouse is part of the Disney Family.

This Ang Pow is design by HYACINTH(风信子) in china, with the product code (K027-05) at the back cover of the Ang Pow, and distributed internationally.

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The base color of this Ang Pow is near Red, at both front and back cover of the ang pow. The interior of the Ang Pow is white. Glazing gold might be the second most striking color of the Ang Pow, which occupy at least 30% of the front cover.

Front Cover

The front cover resemblance a wallet with gold Chinese motif decorated edge at top, right and bottom border, with a small locking tab at the center right border. There is a colorful decorative round button at the center of the tab with motif of one center four edged star, with four smaller stars at each corner.

At the top left of the front cover there is Chinese word in glazing gold, which reads “如意” (pinyin: rú yì) , means “according to one’s wishes” or in other words, “may your wishes comes true”. There is another two smaller glazing gold words at the top center which reads “長樂” (pinyin: Cháng lè) means “always happy”, and “富贵” (pin yin: fù guì) which means “rich and wealthy” or “prosperous”.

Minnie Mouse portrait is noticeably in “sexy” pose, showing off her big oval eyes, beautiful ornaments of flowers on the forehead, beautiful pink-yellow high heels and was thinly dressed. This might regard as “under dressed”, and couple with wording of “as you wish” might appears “inappropriate” for some. However is still a great collection.

In front of Minnie is a 元宝(pinyin: yuán bǎo) means gold ingot. The gold ingot is in the shape of the ancient Chinese currency. This gold ingot is the classical Chinese sign of fortune and wealth.

The front cover view of the Minnie Mouse Ang Pow.

The front cover view of the Minnie Mouse Ang Pow.

Back Cover

The back cover of the Ang Pow is mainly plain red, with a small logo of the printing and distribution company name at the center bottom of the Ang Pow, which had a writing shows “风信子 HYACINTH – MACK IN CHINA” and a small product code (K027-05) beside. The word “MACK” might just be how China Chinese pronounce “made”.

The back cover view of the Minnie Mouse Ang Pow.

The back cover view of the Minnie Mouse Ang Pow.

The Lid

The Ang Pow Lid is the non adhesive slot in type, which allows you to reuse the Ang Pow many times without damaging the delicate paper like most adhesive lids do.

There is a small circular tab from the curved lid and easily slot in the small straight cut hole. The fit can be loose at times, but easily lift up for easy access. Overtime the tab might get torn apart due to the paper quality.

minnie ang pow lid

This Minnie Mouse Ang Pow lid is of non adhesive slot in type

Additional Info

Additional information






Small Size Standard


80 mm

Height (actual)

115 mm

Height with open lid

135 mm


3 grams each

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